PA192 - Secure hardware-based system design


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Name Exercise 2 Exercise 4 Projects Defend
Kindt OK OK Audio effect OK
Hamaili OK X coutdown counter with buttons and password OK
De Bailliencourt OK OK intelligent light with PWM OK
Nomit OK OK Knight rider PWM 3 LEDs OK
Amal Chukkinin OK OK PS2 keyboard OK
Ankur Lohchab OK OK Swtopwatch with two buttons and memory OK
Jan Jancar OK OK MD5 cracker OK


  • stopwatch
  • print chars on LCD
  • reading data from PS2 keyboard
  • audio codecs
  • measuring interaction
  • knight rider with PWM
  • intelligent light control
  • intelligent bike light
  • coutdown with password
  • calculator with 7-HEX and SWs
  • memory test with LEDs and SWs
  • intelligent wiper