NXP-CUP is an international competition for autonomous cars racing. The basic premise is to build and program the fastest car possible using NXP hardware. This competition is held annually and in our region(EMEA) we compete with teams from Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Students participating can work on the design of a car. Students can program the car's behaviour or both. Everyone can do whatever they are familiar with, but are also pushed outside their comfort zone to extend their range of skills.

Cars are not only racing for the fastest time but are also expected to perform additional tasks such as:

  • Most laps possible in a given time on '8' shaped track.
  • Collision avoidance with an object present on the track that car must be able to detect and change its direction.
  • Barcode detection, where different barcodes on track represent behaviour required from the car.

We are still actively working and preparing for next seasons. Feel free to visit us, there is always one free spot for new members. ;)