The Design and Architecture of Digital Systems Laboratory

3D excursion - EmLab

Our laboratory, more commonly known as Embedded Laboratory or EmLab, researches in fields concerned with embedded computer systems. As a part of an educational institute, we teach students topics of hardware design and development of software for embedded systems, both microprocessors and FPGA.

The courses taking place in the laboratory often combine the teaching of theoretical knowledge with practical demonstrations and exercises or are based on long term practical projects. The laboratory itself is accessible for students not only during courses but also during theirs spare time if it is vacant.

In our laboratory it is possible to work on bachelor's and master's thesis in the field of embedded systems.

Current research topics are:

  • Development of a system for detection and measurement of ionizing radiation.
  • Partnership with development of microphone for measuring internal vibrations of plants with Mendel University.
  • Development of algorithms for locomotion of legged robots.
  • Measurement instrumentation for magnetic fields.


We are mostly situated in the north-west corner of faculty building on the fourth floor. Our main laboratory ( A415 ) is used for practical lectures, in case you want to visit us it is better to contact officials below.

Faculty of Informatics MU
Botanická 68a, 602 00 BRNO
Czech Republic